Two Types of Wealth. 

For folks who care about more than just counting coins, we help to create and implement integrated financial plans that align your investment, philanthropic, and family goals.

We believe in two tpes of wealth: 

Your “tangible” wealth consists of your investments and real assets.

Your “Intangible” wealth is comprised of your family’s story, the value of your community impact, and the human capacity of your family’s future generations. 

“Impact” wealth management looks at both kinds of family assets and helps clients create and implement integrated financial planning and investment management strategies to help them align their investments with their social values.

Intangible assets are a core element of family wealth

Your Family Story

Your family story is one of your most important assets. Where did your family come from? How did it get to where it is today? Where are you going?

 “Impact” wealth management is about helping you identify and build towards the family story that you want to tell.

We do in part this by helping folks build tax-efficient cross-generational wealth transfer, and retirement vehicles aligned with their families’ values.

Community Impact

Many of our clients strive to become pillars of their community and want to give back to the people that helped put them to where they are. Indeed, 82% of Americans say that charitable giving is important to them.

Moreover, strong communities can provide tangible returns to our clients. 

A landmark policy experiment in the 1990s known as “Moving to Opportunity” — which helped 4600 randomly-selected low-income families move to better neighborhoods — increased the future annual income of those families’ children by $3,500  (31%) by the time they entered their mid-20s.

The intangible value your community provides your family often has very tangible impacts.

How do we integrate financial planning with investment management?

One way is through philanthropic strategies:

By donating highly appreciated stock to a donor-advised fund, you not only receive a tax deduction, you also avoid the capital gains tax that you would incur by selling off the asset.

By combining financial planning with investment management, we can identify and pursue tactics like these that increase your tangible and intangible wealth.

The number one predictor of a person’s life outcomes in the United States is how well their parents prepare them for adulthood.

Extend and preserve your family story across future  generations with college savings accounts and responsible investment and wealth transfer strategies.

Climate change is one of the biggest threats that future generations face. By the time children born in 2020 graduate from college, extreme heatwaves will likely occur with 4x the frequency as they did in 2010.

Future Generations

That’s why we help families divest responsibly with a “Remove, Rotate, Replace” divestment strategy.

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